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Top 10 Free Online Coding Courses


Free education, since when does that happen? And fortunately for us it does happen. We’ve curated a list of the top 10 free coding websites specifically tailored for learning online.

Whether you’re a beginner, a 5 year old or a professional looking to reach a higher level, these free courses will take you where you need to go in our digital age.

Coding Courses for Anyone Online

Coding courses are a fantastic way to accelerate your career potential. However, with so many coding courses available online, it can be tricky to know where to start.

What can You Learn from These Courses?

  • How to code in different programming languages
  • How to develop software using different tools and frameworks
  • How to troubleshoot and debug software issues
  • How to optimize code for performance and efficiency
  • How to work with databases and data structures
  • How to create user interfaces and web applications

1. is a coding program created for under-resourced, offline, mobile-oriented, and young communities. The program’s simplicity- FREE, OFFLINE, ONLINE DIY, FUN, PRACTICAL, and Frontend Web Dev training for high school students.


GirlCode is creating jobs in South Africa and providing equality. “We are on a mission to empower 10 million women and girls with tech skills by 2030!” Learn the most in-demand skills for the jobs of tomorrow with GirlCode — 100% online.


If you’re starting your coder job search from scratch, Codecademy is a great place to begin. “With clear and concise lessons, this platform will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – the three most popular programming languages in the world.” Best of all, it’s free to use!

Codecademy offers a well-rounded education in programming, covering all the major languages and concepts you’ll need to know as a developer. And if you get stuck, there’s always a helpful community of coders ready to lend a hand.


With over 4,000 hours of content available, you can learn at your own pace and build up your skillset.

Courses from the basics of HTML and CSS, then moves on to JavaScript and ReactJS. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on projects for real-world clients.

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organisation that offers an extensive curriculum of coding challenges and projects. And like Codecademy, it’s free to use!

5. The Odin Project

Building from scratch, The Odin Project is designed for people who want to learn how to code. It takes a slightly different approach from other platforms by having you work with existing codebases.

Nevertheless, a great way to learn and see how professionals code. And once again, it’s free!


Scrimba is a unique platform that combines video lessons with interactive coding challenges. This makes for a more engaging learning experience as you can immediately apply what you’ve learned in each lesson to the challenge at hand. Plus, Scrimba also has a community forum where you can get help and support from other learners (and instructors).


Khan Academy is a great free online resource for learning to code. The course material is well structured and easy to follow. You can work at your own pace and the courses are self-paced so you can always go back and review concepts if you need to. The community is also very supportive, so if you get stuck on a concept, there are always people around to help you out.


edX is one of the world’s leading online learning platforms. They offer free online courses. Their courses are suitable for beginners and experienced programmers.

Python, Java, and C++ have been proven to be some of their more popular courses. Also on offer are courses on web development, game development, and data science. With edX, you can learn at your own pace and earn a certificate of completion.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive, free programming course, look no further than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is taught by experienced instructors who can help you every step of the way.

Offering tutorials and exercises, to help you learn programming at your own pace. A helpful community of coders ready to help you out.


Free online courses in coding are dedicated to teaching you everything there is to know about coding. Alison’s coding courses cover basic and advanced coding, teaching you all about different coding languages and how to use them.

Benefits of Taking Coding Courses Online

One of the main advantages is that you can learn at your own pace. If you have a busy lifestyle or other commitments, you can still fit learning how to code into your schedule.

Extensive course materials, including videos, tutorials and exercises are available. You can learn all the basics of coding without having to spend any money on expensive textbooks. Most online courses offer support from an online instructor.

Give it a try, if it’s free, take advantage.

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